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ryo_naitou's Journal

内藤 玲 - Naitou Ryo
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A fan community dedicated to Naitou Ryo
This is a fan community dedicated to Naitou Ryo.

Few things about him: Born on June 22, 1974. He was born in Osaka, but lives in Tokyo since he started his seiyuu work and he is also dedicated to theater. He works on Ogipro THE NEXT. Likes to listen music, F1, playing guitar, mahjhong

The main rule here is having fun!

1) If you are going to share any media (videos, CD, Drama CD, videos), post it on friend locks posts.
2) Try to upload your own files. If not, credit the original uploader.
3) Share anything that you do. Fanarts, thoughts, translations (SEEKING a bit on help about this, since the admin isn't fluent in Japanese) etc. Avoid RL fanfiction.
4) Be polite. Even if you are taking something.
5) Respect each other.
6) Do not diss on another seiyuu.
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